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Can You Ride A Lawn Mower While Pregnant?

Using a lawn mower while pregnant carries some risk and should be avoided if possible. However, it is considered pretty safe if you take regular breaks and stay hydrated up to week 20 of your pregnancy.

So generally speaking, it is safe to mow the lawn while pregnant. You should pay attention to your body and take precautions to prevent heat exhaustion, increased allergen exposure, or dehydration.

Pregnant women should avoid lawn mowing if they are considered high risk or have been advised by a doctor. If you experience any pain, immediately stop mowing. If possible, hire a lawn care service or have a friend mow your lawn instead.

This article offers more, specific details about the dangers of mowing the lawn while pregnant, including a few tips on how to make it safer.

How to safely mow the lawn while pregnant

Generally, if done cautiously, mowing the lawn while pregnant is safe. You can even benefit from your pregnancy if it is done safely. However, factors such as the health of the individual or how far along one is will influence how safe mowing the lawn is for that person.

Laying down? Learn how mowing the lawn can actually be beneficial

Doing small amounts of physical activity such as mowing the lawn can be beneficial while pregnant. It provides mothers with a low impact way to get the recommended amount of physical activity per week.

Conclusion: Mowing the lawn is safe for pregnant women, so long as they drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks.

Is It Safe to Ride a Lawn Mower While Pregnant?

If you have a high risk pregnancy, or if your doctor advises against it, riding a lawn mower should be avoided. High-risk pregnancies put the pregnant woman at risk of severe medical problems and are identified as such by a physician.

If your doctor has concluded that you have a high risk pregnancy, avoid exercise and lawn mowing. Lawn mowing is extra physical activity which can put too much strain on your body.

If you care about your physical well-being and your doctor says that it is alright to do so, mowing the lawn can be done safely.

When should you not use a lawn mower?

One negative associated with lawn mowing- the presence of bugs- is that there might be potential for disease. If a bee comes into contact with the grass and parts of it come off onto the brush on your lawnmower, you could inhale these when mowing, causing an allergic reaction.

Mowing the lawn while pregnant

The safety of mowing the lawn may vary depending on your pregnancy stage, but it is generally safe. The risk increases as you get closer to delivery.

Mowing at 10-20 weeks pregnant

Pushing yourself too hard in the beginning of pregnancy can make your last few weeks more difficult. Listen to your body and take caution before undergoing strenuous activity, like mowing the lawn. If you start feeling sick or dizzy, then it’s best to stop and rest.

Twenty weeks is the halfway point of your pregnancy. You might start to notice changes in energy, or your immune system.

Additional challenges stemming from pregnancy include the development of allergies or worsening of existing allergies, which could put you at risk. 

Women may find that the last, most strenuous half of the pregnancy is just as difficult as the first due to increased pain and extreme exhaustion.

It’s not recommended you mow the lawn at this stage of your pregnancy because it can put a strain on your health. If you feel well enough and not due any time soon, then wait to mow the lawn. Using a riding mower is better than using an old-fashioned push method because you can use it without exerting yourself physically too much. It’s also important that you stay hydrated and quickly rest so that neither yourself or your baby are harmed.

When less than two weeks away from the due date, stop mowing the lawn and limit physical activity. Too much physical exertion can cause premature labor, so avoid the risk altogether.

Important considerations before mowing a lawn while pregnant

Mowing the lawn is typically safe for most people, but there are some things you should be aware of if you’re pregnant. It seems like only some people will have to worry about these risks so it’s worth thinking about what would work best for your pregnancy circumstances.

Running in the heat is more dangerous when pregnant. If you have a healthy pregnancy, the risks from these substances are likely low. Learning about them can help you know and act if unexpected symptoms arise.

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