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How To Write A Thank You Note For A (Handmade) Gift

One of the best feelings is receiving a gift from someone, either a person whose really close to you or someone you have met and sent you an appreciation gift, but beyond these two, responding using a thank you note is the most human action to do to express your gratitude.

If you have received a wonderful handmade gift or even just simple money, saying a plain “thanks for the present” will never be enough. In fact, it would sound like you don’t appreciate it or you find the gift boring.

In this article, I will guide you with 3 Ideas on How To Write A Thank You Note For a Handmade Gift and How To Write Thank You For Money gift. This way, you can return the same amount of effort they have put into the present, and at least express your gratitude if the given amount is splendid.

3 Ideas on How To Write A Thank You Note For A Handmade Gift

  • First things first, mention the gift in your letter. That is the vital element of every thank you note. Mentioning the exact name of the gift will add a personal touch to the message. Do not write a message that says nothing more than “thanks for the gift.” It will perceive as unappreciated or dislike to the given present.
  • Inform the gift-giver of how you intend to manage the gift. For example, he gave you a knitted scarf, including to the letter what you will use it in the incoming winter, or like, the scarf perfectly matches our outfit, and you’re always using it every time you go out. Make it specific so they will be aware that the item has a purpose for you.
  • Lastly, Finish the letter using the traditional closing notes. If the gift-giver is your close friend, end your letter using a simple “Sincerely” or “Yours sincerely.” Notes. If the gift-giver is from your family, you must put an emphasis on your love, use “Love” then your name to close the letter.

How To Write Thank You For Money

But how about if the gift is money? The tone you choose in your thank-you letter may vary based on where the money came from and how you will spend it. It’s a great approach to let someone know exactly what you intend to do with the money. It will add comfort and assurance to them that their money will not be put to waste. Here are some other ideas:

  • Use the proper Salutations such as “Dear Sir/madam” should be included at the start of your letter. If you are familiar with the individual, use their first name.
  • Begin the message with a statement expressing gratitude to the person for the gift of money, but remember! never use the exact word “money” and other related words such as the word “cash.” Instead, refer to it as the “wonderful present,” the “present,” or anything similar to those examples that will create the same effect. The only thing you need to remember is the word “money” will add awkwardness or informality.
  • Provide specific details on how you will use or intend to use the money. Is it for your college fees? Down payment for your house?, Do you need to buy a new television set?, Or do you need to use it to pay for your gambling debts? Whatever the reason is, it is essential to mention the purpose of the money.

Final Thoughts On Thank You Notes

Sending handwritten thank-you notes is always an appropriate and lovely thing to do. Also, gift-givers always love receiving them because they will know whether you love or not the gift. In recent days, online mail has been introduced to us, and most of us prefer to use it because it’s less time-consuming, and sometimes there are ready-to-use templates that you can use.

Handwritten thank you letters are much more personal and genuine than a telephone call or a standard email. It is ok to send an email to express gratitude for a simple coffee or lunch or an invite issued by email in the very beginning. It’s also acceptable for really modest favors. In contrast, handwritten thank-you letters are the most pleasing way to communicate genuine and emotional gratitude for formal occasions, large gratuities, an actual present, or just being invited to someone’s home.

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